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A wife has a right of residence from her husband or in joint property with her in laws. After marriage when a newly weeding wife enters in a house, that house is treated as her matrimonial home.

Right of residence in joint Property

It does not matter that the said house is owned by her husband or her in laws. If her husband tries to throw her wife out of the matrimonial home in connivance with his father and mother, a wife may call the police or may call the State Women and Child Protection organization or may approach the Honorable Court and file a case under Domestic Violence Act for right of Residence. The Honorable Court shall immediately appoint a lady protection officer to protect residence and other rights of wife. Recently Honorable Supreme Court has ruled that the wife has the right of residence in the shared family property (Means joint property also) and not just in the separate property of the husband. This is a verdict under the Domestic Violence Act.

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