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Divorce Evidence | 24x7 free advice by a good divorce lawyer 2

What evidences did we require?

Before filing a case in court, it is important to collect sufficient pieces of evidence in consultation with an excellent lawyer

  • Evidence of complaints as DDR,
  • Evidence of physical violence – MLR reports pictures. doctor treatment records
  • Evidence of Adultery – Hotel register records, pictures, videos.
  • Evidence of Dowry Demands – call recordings, account statements
  • Evidence of Income – Copy of registries, RC of expensive cars, Credit Card statements, expensive purchasing, bank statements
  • Evidence of Mental Health – Doctor reports, psychiatric reports
  • Evidence of Abortion – Abortion bills, slips, medicines prescription
  • Evidence of Verbal Abuse – Call recordings, Video recordings duly certified from a forensic expert.
  • Evidence of pressure for separation from parents – recordings, separate living proofs

Consult a good divorce lawyer:

Our associate attorney and associate law firms in UK, advocates & legal consultants are available for any free legal advice on the phone about the evidence required to support a divorce case. Consult legal consultants to talk with a good divorce lawyer about divorce cases in District Courts.

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